I have been fortunate to work with Brook as my leadership coach over the past two years. She’s helped me navigate the challenges of being a first-time manager in a busy startup environment. Through Brook’s coaching, I was able to discover things I haven’t seen for myself and how they affect the relationships I have with my direct reports. I learned the techniques and tools to respond effectively in difficult situations, repair relationships, and lead with confidence. Brook has also helped me better understand my personal values and what I find intrinsically motivating – helping me shape the career that I want. I always look forward to my sessions with Brook. She’s able to quickly adapt to my needs each time we need – from tackling immediate issues with direct reports to working on long-term goals.

Mia - Head of Product Development

Brook is a fantastic coach and change facilitator. I went to see her when I was working through some big questions about conflict and Transformative Justice in my personal and professional life.  With skill, compassion, and humour, she helped me to access my inner resources using somatics, mindfulness, and other embodiment techniques.  Our sessions have supported me enormously in my own practice as a mediator and facilitator. Brook is a true expert in personal growth, conflict transformation, and change-making. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trauma-informed, socially engaged embodiment coach.

Kai Cheng Thom - Mediator and Coaching Client

For our organization, one of the areas of focus in the last few years has been an experiment in trying to have a holistic approach to organizational development. That has included everything from upgrading our conflict resolution channels to increasing the leadership capacity and skills around feedback and conflict management. Our challenge has been to find a way to do this where the policies and processes actually supported our diverse team’s unique needs on a practical day-to-day level. We wanted the team to feel that the new elements we were introducing truly helped and were not just an out-of-box solution that felt misaligned to work with.
Over the last two years, Brook has patiently and gently helped support our team towards achieving these goals through training and coaching. Brook’s style is incredibly appreciated. She is practical, knowledgeable, relatable and has a deeply holistic approach. People feel as though they are being seen as full human beings and often comment that Brook made them think of something that they had never considered before. Like a mirror reflecting back to us, she was able to help us see our own dynamics, what we personally struggled with, and where we could grow so that we could use that information towards becoming a better team every day

Olivia Ito - Director of Operations and People

“In my organization, part of my role is facilitating change and transformation. It can be hard – there’s some burnout, some doubt, some resistance. Over the past couple of years Brook has helped me with multiple strategies to help with motivation, buy-in and engagement. Her knowledge around conflict dynamics, systems change, and group psychology, and her ability to map out power and how it shows up in subtle ways in relationships has been absolutely essential to the successes we have seen.”

Oren - Coaching Client

I first met Brook at a workshop she hosted about Preparing for Difficult Conversations. It made a lasting impression on me, both the skills and techniques I learned, but also the masterly way she facilitated the group and workshop content. Since then, I’ve been a participant in various sessions that Brook’s facilitated. She is especially talented at welcoming engagement from participants and transforming it into learning. Her personal examples always feel both revealing and vague enough that I/we could apply them to our own challenges.

When Brook sent an email offering individual video coaching, I jumped at the chance to have her skills and energy all to myself: to facilitate ME in individual sessions!

Our one-on-one meetings started out being really about helping me tackle my work-related panic and anxiety through somatic body work. It was very hard to do, as I tend to be more cognitive/academic, and this technique brings me out of my brain and into my body. She was very attuned to how much I could handle. Over the course of our work together, I have developed my ability to witness difficult experiences, emotions, and sensations, and stay with them without being overwhelmed.

I feel so lucky to continue to get to work with Brook now. She has helped me through so many difficult periods and transformations. She has even coached me on my own exploration into coaching others!

Erika - Coaching Client

“I first reached out to Brook to learn how to better deal with conflicts in my workplace. Whenever there was a conflict, my thoughts, feelings and body would freeze. Within a few sessions, I had mastered the art of leaning into the conversation and staying present to be able to speak my truth. I am so grateful for Brook being present, grounded, and curious, and able to hold space for all of my emotions. Unlike other modalities, doing this somatic work with Brook has allowed me to unearth the subconscious beliefs and create new supportive beliefs that are my go-to now. I am now able to show up in my full power, calm, grounded, and able to speak up and out when the need arises. Thank you for being you and the work that you do Brook!”

Fiona - Coaching Client

“Brook recently facilitated a Conflict Resolution workshop as part of our leadership training program. Throughout the planning process Brook was detailed and thorough and very open to tailoring the workshop to the needs of our members. She kept the workshop grounded and ensured that it was a safe place for everyone to speak out if they wanted to. This was a day long workshop, and the interaction and engagement were ongoing – no small feat! The feedback afterward was positive all around. We hope to work with Brook again in the future and definitely recommend her as a facilitator.”

Karen Dick - Education Coordinator, Workers Action Centre

“Brook was able to facilitate a staff meeting for us when we were having a difficult period reaching consensus. She took the time to ensure that all team members felt comfortable and safe to explore and discuss alternatives that seemed impossible prior. The session turned out to be an extremely impactful as well as very educational to our team on how we function. She is both compassionate and level-headed and I would recommend her services to both individuals and organisations.”

Jackie - Program Coordinator, Pre-Community Services, George Brown College