Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Finding the path. We are all guides at different times and in different ways.  This section is for those who want to find the path, courageously and authentically, through the unpredictability of change.

Big Waves will support you to explore your inner self to recognize your areas for growth and cultivate your strengths. Offerings include coaching, training and embodied practice.

Leadership Coaching

Be the leader you want to work for.

Leadership coaching uses a combination of cognitive, embodied, and creative approaches rooted in transformative coaching, mindfulness, narrative practices, Deep Democracy, and somatic coaching* to identify and address limiting beliefs and patterns, and to support clients to recognize and build on their own inner leadership capacities. It can help inexperienced leaders who are just beginning to lead and experienced leaders who to expand their skills. These skills include personal growth, self-exploration, transparency, authenticity, navigating power, transforming conflict, skilful listening, courageous conversations, alignment through storytelling and others.

Big Waves supports emerging and established leaders to:

  • Build your own emotional intelligence and presence
  • Motivate and steward effective teams
  • Create healthy, safe and inspiring organizational and group cultures
  • Nurture an organization through the ups and downs of change
  • Understand your power and how to use it for good
  • Champion equity and social justice, even when it’s hard
  • Unlearn personal bias and the ways that inequities and power imbalances are woven into leadership
  • Lead from your whole authentic self
  • View social problems through the lens of systems thinking
  • Decrease the power of personal triggers and limiting beliefs that get in the way of leadership
  • Get comfortable with conflict
  • Create cultures of honesty and feedback

Conflict Coaching

Conflict can be an opportunity for change and growth.

Conflict Coaching helps develop emotional fluidity and practical skills in order to have courageous conversations.  You can develop the capacity to approach conflict in the workplace and in personal relationships with curiosity and hope.

Conflict Coaching may be helpful if you:

  • Are avoiding bringing up something you are frustrated about because you are worried it will become a fight
  • Often feel hijacked by big emotions in a conflict that make it hard for you to make the choices you would like to make
  • Feel judged, criticized or unheard by someone important in your life
  • Are losing hope that a difficult relationship at work or home could improve
  • Are going to mediation and want to make sure you negotiate well for yourself
  • Can’t get along with someone in your life and nothing you try seems to ease the tension

In coaching, we will:

  • ​Practice communication skills to de-escalate conflict
  • Think about the conflict from different perspectives
  • Identify and practice shifting conflict patterns that get in the way of finding a solution
  • Assess options and prepare proposals
  • Process difficult emotions somatically to support your approach to the conflict from a more grounded place
  • Prepare to face a difficult conversation with ease

Somatic Coaching

Transformation isn’t only stressful on a cognitive level. It can also be overwhelming on the body and nervous system.

Somatic coaching takes a whole person approach. It recognizes that in spite of our best laid plans, things happen on the level of our bodies to create barriers to the kinds of transformation we want to achieve, on both an individual and group level. Our vision and purpose in the world need support to be realized. And sometimes it’s embodied work that most helps us to make the leap toward our purpose, vision and values.

Somatic coaching helps you to:

  • Feel more alignment between your purpose, vision and actions
  • Face challenges and complexity with vulnerability, courage and curiosity
  • Develop more fluidity and awareness of emotions
  • Step into power in just and transformative ways
  • Move boldly towards dreams for yourself and for the world
  • Listen to and learn from the many kinds of wisdom that live in the body

For some people, somatic coaching can be a wonderful complement to other coaching approaches that can give the extra boost to help you move through your stuck patterns and the histories that hold you back. For other people, it is the main approach to becoming more in alignment with your values, purpose and the “future you” that is trying to emerge.

*The primary method used in somatic coaching is Somatic Experiencing®. You can find more information here:

Embodied Social Justice

Equity and social justice work are not just about changing minds. We are shaped, on a physiological level, by the norms, cultures and beliefs that we inherited and grew up with, even when we no longer believe in those ways. This can lead to a disconnect between what we believe and how we act.

If you are interested in bringing your social justice learning and work to an embodied level, contact us for information on embodied social justice coaching, leadership groups, and trainings.

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