Guide others from the inside out.

Finding the path. We are all guides at different times and in different ways.  This section is for those who want to find the path, courageously and authentically, through the unpredictability of change.

Big Waves will support you to explore your inner self to recognize your areas for growth and cultivate your strengths. Offerings include coaching, training and embodied practice.

Embodied Leadership Coaching

Embody the leader you want to be.

Have you felt inspired to lead important change in your work, yet felt too exhausted or pessimistic to begin? Ever make a pros and cons list about a decision, and still not be able to make a decision? Big Waves can help you out of these tricky stuck places.

The Big Waves approach to leadership coaching uses a wide range of coaching methods. The core of the approach is rooted in somatic or embodied practices, combined with cognitive and creative approaches, transformative coaching, mindfulness, narrative practices, and Deep Democracy. We identify and address limiting beliefs and patterns, and support clients to recognize and build on their own inner leadership capacities. It can help inexperienced leaders who are just beginning to lead and experienced leaders who want to expand their capacity to build relationships and lead with authenticity and awareness of self. 

Somatic coaching takes a whole person approach. It recognizes that in spite of our best laid plans, our bodies’ habit patterns can create barriers to the kinds of transformation we want to achieve, on both an individual and group level. Embodied work can help us take the leap into alignment.

Somatic coaching supports emerging and established leaders to:

  • Feel more alignment between your purpose, vision and actions
  • Face challenges and complexity with vulnerability, courage and curiosity
  • Step into your power in transformative ways that are aligned with your values
  • Move boldly towards your dreams for yourself and for the world
  • Listen to and learn from the many kinds of wisdom that live in the body
  • Protect yourself (or recover) from burnout
  • Build your own emotional intelligence and presence
  • Motivate and steward effective teams
  • Embody healthy, safe and inspiring organizational and group cultures
  • Nurture an organization through the ups and downs of change
  • Champion equity and social justice, even when it’s hard
  • Lead from your whole authentic self
  • Decrease the power of personal triggers and limiting beliefs that get in the way of leadership
  • Get comfortable with conflict
  • Understand yourself as an integrated part of a living ecosystem

Conflict Coaching

Conflict can be an opportunity for change and growth. Conflict coaching helps develop emotional fluidity and practical skills in order to have courageous conversations.  You can develop the capacity to approach conflict in the workplace and in personal relationships with curiosity and hope.

Embodied Equity Coaching

Equity and social justice work are not just about changing minds. We are shaped, on a physiological level, by the norms, cultures and beliefs that we inherited and grew up with, even when we no longer believe in those ways. This can lead to a disconnect between what we believe and how we act.

Somatic coaching can help you uncover your inner shaping, and come to deeper alignment with your values around social justice and equity.


For more information about Embodied Coaching, check out the blog post, What is Somatic Coaching?

Embodied Leadership Coaching Package

Align your actions with your values and dreams.

Big Waves offers Embodied Leadership Coaching Packages for leaders and changemakers who want to bring their embodied experiences and actions into alignment with their values.  

What is it?

The Embodied Leadership Coaching Package is a six-session offering that combines somatic practices with systems awareness, creativity and play, and other coaching techniques.  Together, we will dive into a particular leadership struggle or dilemma that is leading you to feel stuck, out of touch with your life energy, or out of sync with your leadership values.  

In six sessions over two months, we will:

  • Map the inner journey (one session): Get to know each other.  Understand the yearning that has brought you to coaching.  Uncover the goal you are wanting to achieve, and how you will know we have been successful. 
  • Build your resources (one session): Learn about your nervous system’s adaptive responses. Deepen and discover your unique personal resources.
  • Shift a habit pattern (three sessions*): This is the core of the work.  With support and lots of curiosity, get to know a pattern that is no longer serving you, and witness as it shifts and changes.  
  • Sense what’s next on the journey (one session): Integrate new experiences and learning. Plan for new actions.  Create your personal vision of what’s next on the journey.

*Three sessions are often enough to shift habitual patterns in one targeted area of leadership, but sometimes more is needed.  There is always the option to extend the package on an as-needed basis.  

Contact Big Waves to schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery meeting, or to enquire about package rates and sliding scale.

Understand Your Leadership Power

Are you struggling in your role as a leader?

Do you feel unsure of yourself or your decisions?

Are you worried about how people on your team feel about your use of your leadership power?

The Diamond Power Index® 360 Assessment is an excellent way to get some direct feedback about how the people you work with experience you as a leader.

The DPI is the only leadership assessment that looks specifically at the effective use of personal and positional power. It helps leaders understand how their use of power impacts their teams, desired outcomes and organizational culture.

A DPI assessment includes the following:

  • A self-assessment to understand your personal sense of power
  • A 360 assessment completed by people who work with you to deepen your understanding of how others experience your use of power
  • A Power Profile® report that integrates the results and provides a roadmap for your leadership development including insights and suggestions for personal development
  • Coaching and support to understand the results, create a personal development plan and integrate the learning into your leadership practice.

Reach out to build a different relationship with yourself as a leader.

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