Leadership Skills for Healthy Workplaces

What if you could understand disagreement and conflict as a source of learning, creativity, and possibility rather than as something to fear and avoid?  What if you could support your team to disagree in ways that build more authentic relationships, lead to better decisions, and even transform systems?  This is a generative approach to conflict.

Leaders and organizations that take a generative approach to conflict are more confident and resilient in their ability to respond to challenges and adapt to change. Join Big Waves as we find a path to healthier conflict.

Generative Approach to Conflict

This online training will bring together a small cohort of people in leadership positions who want to build their capacity for generative conflict as a tool for transformation.

We will engage in interactive and experiential learning sessions, large and small group discussions, self-reflection, peer support and creative learning.

This training will help you:

  • Develop your awareness of your reactions, triggers and patterns, and how you can create more choices for yourself
  • Deepen your ability to participate in and support open and respectful dialogue
  • Build your toolbox of conflict transformation skills such as curious listening, clear communication, and perspective taking
  • Identify some next steps on your personal journey of developing healthier relationships
  • Lead your team more effectively in conflict, and create spaces that are safe enough for bravery
  • Understand disagreement and diverse perspectives as a source of growth and creativity, rather than as something to fear or avoid
  • Identify and be proactive about what goes on under the surface of a conflict
  • Build your capacity to identify and intervene in the power struggles that happen in conflict, and be aware of how your leadership power impacts the situation
  • Strategize about how to create the conditions for psychological safety and healthy conflict in your workplace.

What is included?

  • Eight weeks of 2.5-hour online sessions of intimate small group learning
  • A wide range of practical tools that will support you to take the learning into practice
  • Optional homework invitations between sessions to deepen your learning and apply to your context
  • Connection with other workplace leaders who are committed to creating healthy teams

Special Offer

With registration for Generative Conflict, you will also receive a free subscription to Annie Bray’s somatic library, RESOURCED. It is an easy-to-access, organically expanding library of tools and practices that Annie uses with her somatic coaching clients. It includes audio, video and printable PDF resources.

Annie Bray is a Trauma-Informed Massage Therapist, Somatic Coach and Educator. She supports clinical caregivers and creatives who want to show up for the people and the work they love, without burning out or losing heart. Her approach is informed by 20+ years of hands-on experience and concurrent studies in movement, meditation, the neurobiology of attachment and trauma and other related topics.  

The path we will take together

Week 1: Introduction to Generative Conflict and Building a Container that Supports Relationships

Week 2: Conflict Survival Responses and Caring for the Group and Individual Nervous System

Week 3: Befriend and Expand Our Embodied Responses to Conflict

Week 4: Communication Skills for Leading in Conflict

Week 5: Exploring Our Leadership Power in Conflict

Week 6: Understanding and Influencing Workplace Culture

Week 7: Creating Workplace Cultures of Care and Respect

Week 8: Putting it All Together

Spring 2024 Dates

Dates: Eight Wednesdays from March 20 to May 8, 2024

Time: 1:00-3:30pm AT, 12:00-2:30pm ET, 9:00am – 11:30pm PT

Location: ONLINE

Cost: $1,550 CAD

Out of a commitment to accessibility and economic justice, Big Waves offers reduced rates on 20% of registrations for the Generative Conflict cohort. Here is a tool to determine where you might fall on a sliding scale if you are paying as an individual. Here is a tool to assess where you might fall on a sliding scale if you are paying through organizational funds. We trust your self assessment and don’t require personal information about your financial situation. Please reach out for more information if you would like to access one of the limited reduced rate spots.

Interested for your whole team? Big Waves is proud to offer this course customized for organizations. Contact us here for more information about bringing Generative Conflict to your workplace.


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