Generative Conflict: Leadership Skills for Healthy Workplaces

Generative Conflict: Leadership Skills for Healthy Workplaces 1800 1200 Brook Thorndycraft

Online. Tuesdays October 2 to November 20, 2023

12:00-2:30 ET / 1:00-3:30 AT

What if you could understand disagreement and conflict as a source of learning, creativity, and possibility rather than as something to fear and avoid?  What if you could support your team to disagree in ways that build more authentic relationships, lead to better decisions, and even transform systems?  This is a generative approach to conflict. 

Leaders and organizations that take a generative approach to conflict are more confident and resilient in their ability to respond to challenges and adapt to change. Join Big Waves as we find a path to healthier conflict.

About this training

This training will bring together a small cohort of people in leadership positions who want to build their capacity for generative conflict as a tool for transformation. 

We will engage in interactive and experiential learning sessions, large and small group discussions, self-reflection, peer support and creative learning. 

This training will help you:

  • Develop your awareness of your reactions, triggers and patterns, and how you can create more choices for yourself
  • Deepen your ability to participate in and support open and respectful dialogue
  • Build your toolbox of conflict transformation skills such as curious listening, clear communication, and perspective taking
  • Identify some next steps on your personal journey of developing healthier relationships
  • Lead your team more effectively in conflict, and create spaces that are safe enough for bravery
  • Understand disagreement and diverse perspectives as a source of growth and creativity, rather than as something to fear or avoid
  • Identify and be proactive about what goes on under the surface of a conflict
  • Strategize about how to create the conditions for psychological safety and healthy conflict in your workplace.

What is included?

  • Eight weeks of 2.5-hour sessions of intimate and engaged small group learning
  • A wide range of practical tools that will support you to take the learning into practice
  • Optional homework invitations between sessions to deepen your learning and apply to your context
  • Build relationships with other workplace leaders who are committed to creating healthy teams

The path we will take together

Week 1: Introduction to Generative Conflict and Building a Container that Supports Relationships

Week 2: Conflict Survival Responses and Caring for the Group and Individual Nervous System

Week 3: Befriend and Expand Our Embodied Responses to Conflict

Week 4: Communication Skills for Leading in Conflict

Week 5: Exploring Our Leadership Power in Conflict

Week 6: Understanding and Influencing Workplace Culture

Week 7: Creating Workplace Cultures of Care and Respect

Week 8: Putting it All Together

Fall 2023 Dates

Dates: Eight Tuesdays from October 2 to November 20, 2023

Time: 1:00-3:30pm AT, 12:00-2:30pm ET, 9:00am – 11:30pm PT

Cost: $1,150.00 CAD

20% of spots available for sliding scale.  Please contact for details if you want a sliding scale spot!

Interested for your whole team? Big Waves is proud to offer this course customized for organizations. Contact us here for more information about bringing Generative Conflict to your workplace.

Feedback from Past Participants

“I had the opportunity to take Brook’s Generative Conflict course this spring, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t learn this in high school instead of trigonometry. Any time I experienced conflict I vowed to get better at it but rarely found good resources. Brook’s course is that resource. We looked at frameworks and guidelines to create a better understanding of all of the many things that could be happening for people leading up to and during conflict. The course was super interesting, very enlightening, and really practical. I like to have things that I can take out into the world and try out. The course was expertly facilitated with just enough content and lots of time to work with it in different ways. I couldn’t recommend this course enough to anyone who would like to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth.” – Erin Melvin, Learning and Development Consultant

“I highly recommend enrolling for Brook’s Generative Conflict course. Brook’s approach is practical, intelligent, forward thinking, informative and refreshing. I completed the course feeling well-resourced with tools and new ways to think about conflict from a trauma informed lens. I have new ideas of ways I can lean into conflict as a leader that feel brave and full of possibility. I also loved that there was space to hear from a community of other participants to learn from real life examples and struggles from the field.” – Laura S., Coach, Facilitator and Community Organizer

“Brook is an expert teacher and facilitator! The way she holds space for process while simultaneously instructing and guiding creates the kind of safe spaces in which true transformation can take place!” – Shaleah Dawnyel

“This was a fabulous course that has given me new tools, strategies and perspectives for seeing conflict in new light – with curiosity, empathy and patience. Thank you so much!” – Course Participant

“I found the material very applicable to all sorts of conflict types of situations. I appreciated all the new skills, tools and ideas to try out. Brook was excellent at leading, coaching and supporting participants during the course. I also appreciated how interactive it was.” – Course Participant

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